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          Dobson Ranch Golf Association

Policies and Procedures

                                                                                      May 2001 Rev. A

Section 3     Handicap System Operations


3.1            Handicap Chairperson: The Handicap Chairperson will be responsible for computing handicaps following each tournament event, and having such handicaps posted as soon as possible thereafter, but prior to the next tournament. The Handicap Chairperson coordinates all pre-tournament activities such as tee-time assignments and pairings, tournament flightings, and scorecard preparation. The Handicap Chairperson does not have voting privileges on the Board of Directors.

3.2            Handicap Committee: The Handicap Chairperson shall appoint and submit to the Board of Directors for approval a minimum of one current active member to constitute the Handicap Committee. The Handicap Chairperson as needed may appoint additional members. The committee shall at all times keep records of all decisions and restriction applied in accordance with the United Stated Golf Association (USGA), Arizona Golf Association (AGA), and the following DRGA Tournament Handicap System description, as specified by the Dobson Ranch Golf Association Board of Directors.

3.3              Handicap Establishment: The DRGA establishes and maintains a DRGA tournament handicap for its membership, which is distinctly different from the members’ USGA handicap. This tournament handicap does not utilize USGA formulas in regards to slope and course ratings when calculating differentials. Using the member’s tournament ESC score and subtracting Dobson Ranch Golf Course par 72 will determine the differential and  handicap.

3.3.1        Established Members: For all tournaments supervised by the DRGA, an established members handicap shall be calculated based on the best three (3) of the members last six (6) tournament scores in DRGA events, where the member was required to play their own ball to completion on each hole. Therefore this excludes scrambles, best balls and like events.

3.3.2                                New Members: For all tournaments supervised by the DRGA, new members will be required to provide adequate information such that an initial handicap can be estimated. These new members will then be placed on the “5% rule”, where their gross tournament score cannot be lower than the estimate by more than 5%. Should the new member shoot a score lower than the estimate, their new handicap will be based on this lower score until three qualifying tournaments have been played and a DRGA tournament handicap established.

3.3.3                                New Member Handicap Information: The data furnished on the membership application form is used in the following priority sequence: previously established AGA or another clubs’ verifiable documented handicap, estimated average score at Dobson Ranch from blue tees, best score from the multiple historical scores section, members’ projected handicap when calculating a new members’ handicap. When using a score to base handicap, par 72 is subtracted from that score to reach a handicap number.

3.3.4        5% Rule Score Calculation: Using the handicap number derived from process covered in 3.3.3 the handicap Chairperson adds that to par (72) which equates to a projected score, the projected score is then multiplied by .95 to reach the minimum score allowed for tournament posting. Example: derived handicap for new member is 10, 10 is then added to par 72 equaling 82, 82 is then multiplied by .95 equaling 77.9 rounded up to 78 as the minimum posting score (10+72=82, 82x.95=77.9 rounded = 78).

3.4              Handicap Updates: All qualifying DRGA tournament scores are first adjusted in compliance with USGA guidelines for Equitable Stoke Control (ESC) then input into the DRGA handicap software system for re-calculation for next tournament usage. These re-calculated membership handicaps are then posted for viewing inside the Dobson Ranch-House lounge in the designated book above the AGA computer prior to the start of the next DRGA tournament event. The Handicap Chairperson will post all DRGA qualifying tournament ESC scores in the USGA/AGA handicapping database.

3.5              End of Year Processing: At the end of each year the Handicap Chairperson is responsible for deactivating all active members for that calendar year in both the DRGA and AGA handicap databases. This allows for correct membership billings from the USGA and a sooth transition of membership status into the next calendar year. When a previous member or new member renews their membership the Handicap Chairperson then updates the member’s status to active within the databases.