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Welcome DRGA Member,                                   Local Member #


The Board of Directors and officers would like to welcome all new members as well as renewing members to Dobson Ranch 2001.  The Millennium will bring many new experiences to Dobson Ranch.  Rest assured the objectives and standards of play will not change for the upcoming year.  Please read the following information carefully and retain for future reference.


You have joined what we feel is the best club in the valley.  As you see in the tournament schedule, we try to play the first Saturday and the last Sunday of every month to accommodate our members.  Most of us have developed good friends, golfing buddies and sometimes-good business associates from our association with the DRGA.  We encourage you to sign up immediately for the next tournament and get started as a playing member of the DRGA.  You will have fun and maybe make a few bucks along the way.  If after reading this material you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call any of the officers for further explanation.


This packet includes tournament schedules, a local rule sheet, a list of officers and board members and some general information.




President – Tom Anderson                                        480-899-0943

Vice-President – Mike Mayers                                    480-345-2516

Secretary – Billy Pilawski                                          602-717-1077

Treasurer – Mark Erickson (appointed)                              480-759-1080

Handicap Chairman – “Legend” Blackshear (appointed)      480-891-4240


Board Members

Jim Nielsen

Larry Boyles           

Peach Latsch

Larry Blackshear     

Roger Davis           




Management and Directors

Doc Bulkley – Director of Golf and Owner of Dobson Ranch Pro Shop

Jim Cosgrove – Head Professional, PGA member, golf instructor


Assistant Professional and Instructors

Don Fox                 John Mercer                     Brian Herring

Matt Macdonald       John Guerrero                             Tim Smith

Nick Welch


Professional Club Fitters and Instructors

Kris Callan              Greg Harmon                    John Gavins




DATE                   FORMAT                             1ST SIGN UP DAY                  

Jan.    7       Sun.             Individual Net/Gross                        Dec. 12

Jan.    20      Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        Jan. 2

Feb.   4        Sun.             Individual Net/Gross                        Jan. 16

Feb.   17      Sat.              Two Man Combined                                  Jan. 30

Mar.   4        Sun.             Individual Net/Gross                        Feb 13

Mar.   24      Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        Feb 27

Apr.    7        Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        Mar. 20

Apr.    22      Sun.             Individual Net/Gross                        Apr. 3

May    6        Sun.             Two Man Combined                                  Apr. 17

May    19      Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        May 1

June   9-10    Sat.-Sun.      Summer Sizzler                                      May 15

June   23      Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        June 5

June 30-July 1       Sat.-Sun.        Mesa City Championship            Non-DRGA Event

July    14      Sat.             Two Man Combined                       June 19

July    29      Sun.             Individual Net/Gross                        July 10

Aug.   12      Sun.             Individual Net/Gross                        July 24

Aug.   25      Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        Aug. 7

Sept.  8        Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        Aug. 21

Sept.  22-23 Sat.-Sun.      Club Championship                                     Sept. 4

Oct.   27      Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        Sept. 18

Nov.   3        Sat.              Individual Net/Gross                        Oct. 23

Nov. 17-18    Sat.-Sun.      Fall Classic                                                Oct. 30

Dec.   1        Sat.              Two Man Combined                                  Nov. 13

Dec.   9        Sun.             Individual Net/Gross                        Nov. 27









Flights:        By Individual Handicap.

Sign Up:       Players may sign up as a Foursome and play with their pre-selected group or Players may sign up as Singles, taking the next available Tee Time.

Payout:        Each Flight pays Net and Gross equally, usually four or five places

                        depending upon the size of the field.

Format:       Each player plays his own ball every hole.

Scoring:       Players Net and Gross Score are posted within his Flight.



Flights:        By Combined Team Handicap, no restriction applies to handicap

                        difference between team players.

Sign Up:       Players may sign up as a Foursome (two player teams) and play with their pre-selected group or Players may sign up as Singles (two random singles will combine to make a team), or just their Two Man Team.

                        in the Pro Shop, taking the next available Tee Time.

Payout:        Each Flight pays Net and Gross equally, usually two or three places

                        depending upon the size of the field.

Format:       Each player plays his own ball every hole.

Scoring:       The Gross Score of each team member is added together and posted as

                        their Tournament Score.  The same procedure is used for their Net

                        Tournament Score.



Qualifying:   Each player must have played in FOUR QUALIFYING EVENTS.

Flights:        By Combined Handicap.  All teams play within their Flight both days. Maximum combined team handicap in first flight is 12. The maximum handicap difference between team members is 8.

Sign Up:       Players may sign up as Singles or THEIR TEAM ONLY.  Teams must            

                        call the Pro Shop the Friday night before the tournament to get their Tee

                        Time for Saturday, and Saturday night to get their Tee for Sunday.

Payout:        All Flights are scored Net Only both days, usually four to six places

                        depending upon the size of the field.

Format:       Two Man Net Best Ball on Saturday, Combined Net on Sunday. This event is preceded by a Putting Contest and Calcutta Auction on the Friday night prior to the Tournament.  Details are announced via Newsletter.

Scoring:       Saturday’s Net Best Ball Score added to the combined player’s Net Score on Sunday.

Note:           Each team member must have played in FOUR QUALIFYING EVENTS       

                        to enter.

Note:           Maximum handicap difference between team players is 8 strokes.  Teams with more than eight strokes may sign up, but the Higher Handicap player will be adjusted down to meet the eight stoke differential.



Qualifying:   All players must have played in SIX QUALIFYING EVENTS.

Flights:        By Handicap.  All players play within their Flight.

Payout:        All Flights pay Net and Gross.

Format:       Two day event.  Each player plays his own ball both days.

Scoring:       Lowest Combined Two Day Gross Score is Club Champion.  Lowest

                        Combined Two-Day Net Score is President’s Cup Winner. 



See Summer Sizzler – Identical format except Qualifying.  Each player must have played in SIX QUALIFYING EVENTS.





Slow Play Policy – The Pro-Shop representative on the first tee box will mark one scorecard with the foursome’s departing time (after everyone in group has teed off).  A time clock will be placed in front of the scoreboard area adjacent to the ninth green. At the completion of nine holes and after the round of 18 holes, only after all in the group has holed their ball and the flag has been replaced, each group is required to “punch in” their time on the designated scorecard (marked with the starting time by the Pro-Shop representative) on the face of the scorecard in the specific areas marked for the front and back nines. The Pro Shop will monitor the card stamping procedure to ensure compliance with this policy. The scoring pro will compare finish times to the previous foursome’s time.  The rules are as follows:


Front Nine Holes – 2 hours 20 minutes

Back Nine Holes – 2 hours 10 minutes


Foursomes can be penalized (two shots per foursome member) for the following offenses:

A)     Finishing in the prescribed time but more than 15 minutes behind the previous foursome.

B)     Finishing over the prescribed time and more that 10 minutes behind the previous foursome.

C)    Punching in their scorecard before the last foursome member has putted out and replaced the flag.


Any foursome exceeding the 2 hour 20/10 minutes per nine play time because of the group in front of them will not be penalized providing they finish within 10 minutes of the foursome in front of them.  It is the responsibility of all members of each foursome to monitor their time.  All foursome members bear responsibility for the scorecard being punched properly.  If a player(s) within a foursome is exceedingly slow, the other foursome members must encourage faster play to avoid a foursome penalty.


Dress Code – We do not have a formal dress code, but we expect all players to wear

appropriate golf attire.


Water – All water (lakes and creeks) are played as a lateral hazard.


Exterior Walls and Fences – No relief is given from exterior walls or fences on the

course including the brick wall by the tennis court on #18.


Pump House on #10 and #18 – Nearest relief is given for swing and stance only.


Railroad Ties – Nearest relief for swing and stance.


Maintenance Area – The maintenance area located between #9 and  #10 is out of bounds as defined by white stakes.


Out of Bounds – Exterior walls, fences, and interior white stakes define out of bounds.  Out of bounds walls are defined as the hole you are currently playing.


Tunnel – The tunnel between #16 green and #17 tee box is out of bounds.  The wall above the tunnel defines out of bounds.


French Drains – Relief is given only if gravel interferes with stance or lie.


Scorecards – Must be scored and signed by an opponent and attested by the player.  Not doing so may be grounds for disqualification.


Range Balls – Taking stance and hitting range balls on the course during play is not allowed and subject to a two-stroke penalty.


Retaining Wall #18 – The wall along the water on #18 is played as part of the hazard.


Spikeless Shoes – Effective March 1, 1998, all members must have the new “spikeless” shoes for DRGA tournaments.  New shoes are available with the new spikes or replacement “soft spikes” are available in the Pro Shop and most retail golf outlets.  The replacement cost is nominal, $6 to $10.


Ready Golf – You are expected to play “ready golf”.  This simply means if your shot is not going to interfere by sight or sound of another player, proceed to hit.  During tournaments disregard “honors”.  The first player ready to tee off should do so regardless of previous hole score.




All members sign up in the Pro Shop IN PERSON ONLY, NO PHONE IN’S.  You will give the attending pro your “local number” and he will give you a sign up ticket, which you fill out with your name and local number.  You may keep the stub for your records.  You must pay your entry fee with CHECK ONLY!!!  All tournament fees and tournament registration form are due at sign-up.  You will be assigned the next available tee time.  You may sign up and pay for other players along with yourself by following the same procedure.  You may sign up as a single or up to an entire foursome except for all of the three Major Tournaments.  The Summer Sizzler and the Fall Classic are two man team events and you may only sign up your team, The Club Championship is an individual event and players are paired by their handicap within their flight.  The cut off time for all tournaments is Monday at 5:00 P.M. prior to the tournament.  NOTE: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THE ATTENDING PRO MARKS YOUR NAME ON THE TEE SHEET BEHIND THE COUNTER. 


If you are shut out on sign up day, you will be allowed to sign up for the following tournament. This procedure is in effect only if the designated tournament the members who have made the effort to sign-up in have been filled. Cut off time for the following event sign up will be 9:00 A.M. of same day. No members’ name shall be on both tournament sheets on the same sign-up day, if that should occur the handicap chairman will notify that member that they will need to re-enter the tournament when official sign-up is open and instruct the DRGA Treasurer to issue a refund check to the member(s).


Current Entry Fees - $35 Off Season – Summer Months – Regular Events

                                        $45 Prime Season - Winter Months – Regular Events


All of the extra $10 entry fee during the winter months goes into prize money and is paid out every event.  You will be notified via Newsletter when rates change.


Cancellation Procedure – Call the DRGA Handicap Chairman, Larry Blackshear at 480-891-4240, and inform him of your cancellation as soon as possible.  If the cancellation is prior to the tournament closure date, Larry will ensure that your name is removed from the master sign-up sheet and that the DRGA Treasurer is notified of the refund due.  If the cancellation is after the tournament closure date, Larry will try to fill the open tournament spot from the tournament stand-by list.  If he is unable to fill the cancellation spot, you will not receive a refund.  NOTE: There will be NO TOURNAMENT CARRY-OVER CREDITS!!! 


Refund Policy – The cut off date for all tournaments is the Monday prior to the tournament date at 5:00 P.M.  If you cancel on or before the prior Monday your money will be refunded by mail with no problem.  If you cancel after the prior Monday your money will be refunded only if a replacement player is available to fill your slot.  The sooner you call Larry the better the probabilities of him finding a replacement for you.


Check in Policy – On all events you are required to check in at the Pro Shop a minimum of fifteen minutes prior to your tee time.  If you are not checked in within the allotted time your spot is subject to be replaced by a standby player.


USGA Handicap As a member of DRGA you will receive two handicaps.  The first is your USGA handicap.  The local office is the AGA (Arizona Golf Association).  Your USGA is based upon the best ten adjusted scores of your last twenty rounds (leisure and tournament) posted by you on the computer in the lounge or at other golf courses.  This handicap is adjusted bi-monthly by the USGA and can be printed by yourself in the lounge on the computer.  You will also find the hard plastic wallet size card there also upon which to paste your monthly update.  The computer is for each member to post his leisure or tournament scores from any golf course.  NOTE: All DRGA tournament scores will be posted to the USGA by the handicap chairman after each event.  To post your leisure or tournament rounds simply put in your local number and follow the simple instructions on the screen.  Remember to adjust your score by the USGA guidelines before entering your total score.  The instructions are also located at the computer.  If you are posting an away score you must have the slope and course rating.  A list of Arizona courses is available on-line when posting your score.


The second handicap will be your DRGA tournament handicap.  You will receive a temporary handicap for your first three tournaments comprised from the information on your sign up sheet.  You will be on the 5% rule the first three events.  Your net score cannot be less than 5% of your gross score for tournament scoring.  After your third event you will have established your starting official DRGA handicap, this handicap will be adjusted based upon the best three of your most current six DRGA tournament rounds.  Scrambles, best ball events or any other event that does not require you to complete every hole do not count towards handicap.


Major Tournaments – For 2001 there will be three Major Tournaments.  These events require you to qualify to participate.  Qualifying is simply playing in the required number of regular DRGA events prior to the Major Tournament.  To play in the June Summer Sizzler you must have played in FOUR QUALIFYING EVENTSS. The Club Championship and the Fall Classic require SIX qualifying events.  Mark your calendar and plan your tournament play to ensure qualification into the Major Tournaments.  Current status as to the number of qualifying rounds is available in the lounge at Dobson Ranch in the BLUE BOOK above the DRGA computer.


Tournament Winnings Payout – In most tournaments we pay net and gross equally with gift certificates from the Pro Shop.  If you cash in a tournament you will have an “account” set up in the Pro Shop.  You may use your “certs” for merchandise only.  Green fees, entry fees, range balls, etc., may not be paid for with certs. Starting May 1st the pro shop will issue all tournament winning by certificate with a one-year expiration date on them.  The current system of having an “account” in the pro shop will be terminated.


Skins Game – We have a “skins” game in most events.  The entry fee is five dollars for either net or gross or ten dollars to enter both.  The skins payout is cash.  Skins winners are marked and posted on the tournament score sheets.  Winnings are available the following Saturday in the Pro Shop.  The skins game is not flighted and is limited to a maximum of one stroke per hole on the net side.


Closest to the Pin – Every event has a closest to the pin payout for all of the par threes.  All are $25 cash except #12, which is a $25 gift certificate in the Pro Shop.  Cash skin winnings are mailed to the winners the following week.  Hole #12 winnings are posted to your account in the Pro Shop the following week.


Pro Shop Discounts – As a member of DRGA you receive a 10% discount on all regularly priced merchandise in the Pro shop.  You also receive special pricing on range balls packages and lessons from the teaching pros.



Tournament Final Results Procedure – The tournament scoring sheets will be left on the board in the lounge subject to your scrutiny for errors or omissions.  However, any errors or omissions found on the sheets would only be corrected if found before 8:00 A.M. the Wednesday following each tournament.  At 8:01 A.M. all posted results will be considered final.  This policy gives you two or three days to analyze the posted results.  If an error is found in the allotted time frame, immediately contact Mike Mayers, our tournament chairman.  Tom will confirm and post the corrected results. 



Player in Wrong Fairway or Green – Occasionally we all hit a shot into an adjacent fairway or onto a wrong green.  The DRGA rule is this: The player in front of you has the right of way.  For instance: you are about to tee off  #1 and a player playing #9 has hit into #1 fairway within your shot range.  Who has the right of way?  The player playing #9.  He is in front of you.  You must wait until he hits his shot and is out of range before teeing off.  This rule applies to all holes during tournament play.

The purpose of this rule is to keep the field in front of you moving within their allotted time.


Player Etiquette – Abusive or foul language directed toward any golf course staff member will not be tolerated.  This includes rangers, Pro Shop staff, maintenance personnel, starters, DRGA staff, etc.  Anyone violating this policy will be subject to have his membership canceled immediately without refund. 


Hole in One Fund – In all regular DRGA tournaments, if you get a hole in one, you will receive $200 from the DRGA treasury.