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Dobson Ranch Golf Association Newsletter


Hello D.R.G.A. Member,


As the year winds down, the board would like to thank all of those who participated in the club this year.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility.  The sprinkler project may have limited our play; however, Dobson Ranch is now one of the best public courses in the valley.


2000 Elections


Anyone interested in running for an officer or a general board position must contact Billy Pilawski.  The positions available are President, Vice-President / Tournament Chairman, Secretary and two general board positions.  Listed below are the duties and responsibilities for those positions.  The election will be held during the Fall Classic.  The deadline for entry on the ballot is November 10th.  Billy may be reached at 602-717-1077.


President – Presides at all meetings and acts as an ex-officio member of all committees.  The President is also responsible for the publication and distribution of all newsletters.

Vice-President / Tournament Chairman – Responsible for all tournament events, including the planning and organization.  The Vice-President / Tournament Chairman shall assume the responsibilities of the President if he is absent or retires before the end of his term.

Secretary – Responsible for keeping the minutes of all board meetings and the general membership meeting.  Upon notification from the Treasurer, the Secretary is responsible for providing  “new members” with a welcome and information packet.

Treasurer – Responsible for keeping a record of all receipts in addition to an itemized accounting of all cash disbursements of funds.  The Treasurer shall prepare all checks for disbursement of funds and provide a treasurer’s report for all board meetings.  All records and books will be subject to audit upon notification from the President.  The President may appoint an audit committee at any time.  The Treasurer is appointed by the President.

Handicap Chairman – Responsible for computing the handicaps following each tournament and posting said handicaps as soon as possible thereafter.  The Handicap Chairman is appointed by the President.

Board of Directors – The Board of Directors, under the guidance of the President shall insure that all committee chairpersons and committees function properly, shall insure all debts are paid by the Treasurer, and will be responsible for assisting committee chairpersons when needed.  The Board of Directors shall govern club activities and functions in general except where changes require a membership vote, and shall call a general meeting when deemed necessary.

John Alkema Memorial Fall Classic


In memory of John Alkema, the Fall Classic will be the last team major tournament of the year and will take place on November 18th and 19th.  Players can begin to sign up Tuesday October 31st  (you may only sign-up your team).  The event will begin with a putting contest a 3p.m. on Friday November 17th.  The Calcutta will follow, and will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Ranch House Restaurant.  Then it’s two days of knock down drag out golf.  Tommy Lou will have his racing forms, which provide history on all players as well as handicapping the field.  These will be available in the lounge after 5 p.m. The Entry fee is $95 / man.

*   The maximum combined handicap for the first flight is 12.  The maximum handicap spread between players is 8, if there are teams exceeding this spread the higher handicap player will be adjusted downward to meet the spread criteria.  Prize money will be distributed equitably based on the size of the flight.

*   Each player will be able to initial a ticket good for breakfast or lunch on either Saturday or Sunday.

*   During the Calcutta, each team is auctioned off and can be purchased by anyone.  Once you own a team, you are entitled to a pre-designated portion of the Calcutta purse from that flight if they place in the money (first thru fourth).  If you buy other teams, the people on that team have the right to buy back half of their team on Saturday morning.  If they don’t, you would own that team outright and would keep all the Calcutta prize money that team wins.

*   Payoffs for the winning teams are two weeks following the tournament on Saturday December 2nd from Noon to 1 p.m.  If you or a representative is not present in the lounge that day, the money will be mailed to you.

*   Tee times will be used both Saturday and Sunday; all teams will play within their flight.  Sunday, tee times will be available after 6p.m. Saturday by calling the Pro Shop at 480-644-2291. 

*   Tournament qualification:  4 tournaments in 2000 under normal course conditions and 2 tournaments from 1999 or 6 tournaments in 2000 under normal course conditions.  Please check the blue book in the lounge to verify if you qualify.

*   Time clock violation rules for the Fall Classic will be at 17 minutes for each side.

The putting contest will be two 9-hole rounds starting at 3p.m., with the last contestant starting no later than 5:30p.m.


General Meeting


The General Meeting will be held on Wednesday December 6th at 6:30 p.m. at Dobson Ranch.  This meeting is open to all DRGA members, and is the proper forum for addressing any issues or changes that you would like to see the club make.  If you would like to submit an item for the agenda contact Tom Anderson (480-899-0943). 




Renewals 2000


The DRGA will begin accepting renewals in the Pro Shop on Friday December 1st.  Renewal fees are $90 if received before January 1st, $100 for NEW members or any members renewing after December 31st.  


Tournament Sign Up Procedure


The sign-up procedure remains the same.  All members sign-up in the Pro Shop.  You will give the attending Pro your “local number” and he will give you a sign-up ticket, which you fill out with your name and local number.  You may keep the stub for your records.  Entry fee is paid by “check only”.  You will be assigned the next available tee time.  You may sign up as a single or up to an entire foursome except for the majors.  The cut off time for all tournaments is Monday at 5:00 p.m. prior to the tournament.  Note:  it is your responsibility to make sure the attending Pro marks your name on the tee sheet behind the counter.  Only if you are shut out on sign-up day, before 9:00 a.m., will you be allowed to sign-up for the following tournament.  However, your name cannot be on both tournament sheets on sign-up day. 


2000 Schedule


As all of us are aware, the course underwent many changes.  Presently the course is overseeded and the sprinkler project is complete.  This should make the 2001 schedule the best ever.  The city has committed millions of dollars to making Dobson Ranch one of the top public courses in the state.  The following is a schedule for next year:


January 7th - Sunday and January 20th – Saturday

February 4th – Sunday and February 17th  – Saturday

March 4th – Sunday and March 24th – Saturday

April 7th – Saturday and April 22nd – Sunday

May 6th – Sunday and May 19th – Saturday

June 9th – Saturday and June 10th – Sunday   Summer Sizzler

July 14th – Saturday and July 29th – Sunday

August 12th – Sunday and August 25th – Saturday

September 8th – Saturday

September 22nd and 23rd   Club Championship

October 27th – Saturday

November 3rd – Saturday

November 17th  and 18th  Fall Classic

December 1st – Saturday and December 9th - Sunday




Christmas Party


The 2000 DRGA Christmas party will be held December 15th at Billy Gordon’s.  Last year’s party was a huge success with dinner, dancing and the raffle.  Remember, one lucky member wins a grand prize.  Several contests for the Ladies gets everyone involved in the festivities.  Tickets are limited and are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Don’t delay, get them today.  Tickets are $15 per person. Tickets will be available at the Fall Classic or the Horse and Hound Off Broadway.


Player Etiquette


We all want to enjoy our golf at Dobson Ranch.  Abusive or foul language directed toward any golf staff or member will not be tolerated.  This includes rangers, Pro Shop staff, maintenance personnel, starters, DRGA staff or members.  Anyone violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action or having their membership terminated. 


Newsletter Advertising


The Board will allow “golf-related” advertising in the newsletter by DRGA members.  A member must present his ad to the Board for approval.  The maximum ad size is one-page, the advertising cost is $50 per quarterly newsletter, and the advertising member must provide 400 ready-made copies.  Please schedule an appointment to present your ad to the Board with Tom Anderson.


Pro Shop


The Pro Shop is undergoing a major renovation.  The old building will be torn down as well as the tennis courts.  The new Pro Shop will be state of the art, with an area for the DRGA handicap computer, conference room and enlarged selling space for an expanded stock.  There will be a new 15,000 square foot putting green that will start in front of the new Pro Shop and wind its way toward the old tennis courts.  The parking lot will be expanded, re-striped, and will have a new entrance on the south end of the lot. New tee boxes on #4, #7, #9 and #16 are in the works.  See one of the guys in the pro shop for details.  New carts are on the way!




The Pro Shop has a new cert policy.  Tournament winnings will no longer be accumulated in the Pro Shop.  A certificate will be issued following the tournament with an expiration date of one year. 




Shaft Lab


Doc is pleased to announce that Dobson Ranch will have a custom shaft-fitting lab.  The Tru-Temper shaft lab will analyze your swing from 8000 points.  Dobson Ranch will have one of the 300 labs in the country, and the only one in Arizona.  Costs will be approximately $40 to $50 per session, with a portion applying to new clubs or shafts.  See Doc or your Pro Shop staff for more details.


Club Championship


Due to the course conditions this year the Club Championship will be played over two weekend dates, Saturday December 2nd and Sunday December 17th.  Sign-ups for the Club Championship will begin on Tuesday November 14th.  Entry fee is $95 / player which covers both dates and meal.  A member may enter as many as a foursome at sign-up time but tee times will be established by handicap and flight.  Format is individual stroke play within flights with the Club Champion determined by lowest total gross score over the two rounds and the Club President’s Cup winner determined by lowest Net score over the two rounds regardless of flight.  Tournament qualification:  4 tournaments in a 2000 under normal course conditions and 2 tournaments from 1999 or 6 tournaments in 2000 under normal course conditions.


Remember there is now rough at Dobson Ranch!

Keep ‘em low.

Billy Pilawski