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Dobson Ranch
Welcome to the Official Website of the Dobson Ranch Golf Association


90 Degree Rule

Cart Paths and Fairways, Only!  

During this transition period, the Bermuda grass in the rough is near dormant leaving little grass protection for the rough.  Carts traveling through these areas will destroy the incoming rye and create muddy areas.  Don Flavell has requested that we should use the Cart Paths whenever possible, but when you find it necessary to drive on grass, use the fairway instead of the rough.


Dobson Ranch Golf Course

Bid Process has begun and should be complete by December 15th....
Construction to begin in the Spring of 2002....... 

The Pro Shop renovation has been delayed until the Spring of 2002.  Multiple changes, review of plans, and other unforeseen challenges would have delayed the start of construction until the Fall or 2001.  This would have a major impact on the peak season for Arizona Golf and Dobson Ranch.   


Shaft Lab ....

Doc is pleased to announce that Dobson Ranch will have a custom shaft-fitting lab.  The Tru-Temper shaft lab will analyze your swing from 8000 points.  Dobson Ranch will have one of the 300 labs in the country, and the only one in Arizona.  Costs will be approximately $40 to $50 per session, with a portion applying to new clubs or shafts.  See Doc or your Pro Shop staff for more details ....

For More Information Contact:
Doc Bulkley
(480) 644-2291

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