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6.1 - The Pro-Shop representative on the first tee box will mark one scorecard with the foursome's departing time (after everyone in group has teed off). A time clock will be placed in front of the scoreboard area adjacent to the ninth green. At the completion of nine holes and after the round of 18 holes, only after all in the group has holed their ball and the flag has been replaced, each group is required to "punch in" their time on the designated scorecard (marked with the starting time by the Pro-Shop representative) on the face of the scorecard in the specific areas marked for the front and back nines. The Pro Shop will monitor the card stamping procedure to ensure compliance with this policy. The scoring pro will compare finish times to the previous foursome's time. The rules are as follows:

6.2 - Standard Time Front Nine Holes - 2 hours 20 minutes
6.3 - Standard Time Back Nine Holes - 2 hours 10 minutes

6.4 - Foursomes can be penalized (two shots per foursome member) for the following offenses:

6.2.1 - Finishing within the standard time but more than 15 minutes behind the previous foursome.

6.2.2 - Finishing over the standard time and more that 10 minutes behind the previous foursome.

6.2.3 - Punching in their scorecard before the last foursome member has putted out and replaced the flag.

6.3 - Any foursome exceeding the 2 hour 20/10 minutes per nine play time because of the group in front of them will not be penalized providing they finish within 10 minutes of the foursome in front of them. Once  a group exceeds the standard time for either nine-hole segment, the standard time will be reset to that time of play.  This means that if a group plays the front nine in 2 hours and 23 minutes, each of the groups following this group have 2 hours and 23 minutes to play the front nine before the 10 minute interval is enforced.  It is the responsibility of all members of each foursome to monitor their time. All foursome members bear responsibility for the scorecard being punched properly. If a player  within a foursome is exceedingly slow, the other foursome members must encourage faster play to avoid a foursome penalty.

6.4 - All disputes must be brought to the attention of the Tournament Committee prior to 8 a.m. the Wednesday following the tournament in question.