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7.2 - WATER - All water (lakes and creeks) plays as a lateral hazard.

7.3 - EXTERIOR WALLS and FENCES - No relief is given from exterior walls or fences on the course, including the brick wall by the tennis court on #18.

7.4 - PUMP HOUSE ON #10 and #18 - Nearest relief is given for swing and stance only.

7.5 - RAILROAD TIES - Nearest relief for swing and stance.

7.6 - MAINTENANCE AREA - The maintenance area located between #9 and #10 is out of bounds as defined by white stakes.

7.7 - OUT OF BOUNDS - Exterior walls, fences, and interior white stakes define out of bounds. Out of bounds walls are defined as the hole you are currently playing.

7.8 - TUNNEL - The tunnel between #16 green and #17 tee box is out of bounds. The wall above the tunnel defines out of bounds.

7.9 - FRENCH DRAINS - Relief is given only if gravel interferes with stance or lie.

7.10 - SCORECARDS - Must be scored and signed by an opponent and attested by the player. Not doing so may be grounds for disqualification.

7.11 - RANGE BALLS - Taking a stance and hitting range balls on the course during play is not allowed and subject to penalty.

7.12 - RETAINING WALL #18 - The wall along the water on #18 is played as part of the hazard.

7.13 - SPIKELESS SHOES - Effective March 1, 1998, all members must have "spikeless" shoes for DRGA tournaments. New shoes are available with the new spikes or replacement "soft spikes" are available in the Pro Shop (at a discounted rate) and most retail outlets.

7.14 - READY GOLF - You are expected to play "ready golf". This simply means if your shot is not going to interfere by sight or sound of another player, proceed to hit. During tournaments, disregard "honors". The first player ready to tee off should do so regardless of the previous score.

7.15PLAYER IN THE WRONG FAIRWAY or ON WRONG GREEN - The DRGA rule is that within a nine hole segment, either 1 through 9 or 10 through 18,  the player in front of you has the right of way.  For example,  you are about to tee off on # 1 and a player on # 9 has hit into # 1 fairway within your shot range. In this case the player playing # 9 has the right of way and you must wait until he hits his shot and is out of range before teeing off. The only real area where this is not the case is on holes 8 and 11, where the player on 8 would have the right of way due to his being closer to the end of his 9 hole segment than the player on 11.

7.16 - ETIQUETTE - Abusive or foul language directed toward any golf course staff member will not be tolerated. This includes Rangers, Pro Shop Staff, Maintenance Personnel, Starters, DRGA Staff, etc. Anyone violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action based upon Board Approval.  This could include the maximum penalty of having their  membership cancelled immediately without refund.