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Date Day Event Important Dates
13-Jan-02 Sunday Individual Net/Gross New Year's Day
26-Jan-02 Saturday Individual Net/Gross Tuesday
10-Feb-02 Sunday Individual Net/Gross Super Bowl
23-Feb-02 Saturday Two Man Combined Net and Gross January 27th, 2002
10-Mar-02 Sunday Individual Net/Gross March Madness
23-Mar-02 Saturday Individual Net/Gross March 14th-17th
07-Apr-02 Sunday Individual Net/Gross Easter Sunday 3/31
20-Apr-01 Saturday Club Championship Round 1 Masters April 11th - 14th
21-Apr-01 Sunday Club Championship Round 2
05-May-02 Sunday Two Man Combined Net and Gross Mother's Day 5/12
18-May-02 Saturday Individual Net/Gross Memorial Day 5/27
02-Jun-02 Sunday Individual Net/Gross Father's Day 6/16
22-Jun-02 Saturday Summer Sizzler Round 1 US Open
23-Jun-02 Sunday Summer Sizzler Round 2 6/13 - 6/16
14-Jul-02 Sunday Two Man Combined Net and Gross Thursday 7/4
27-Jul-02 Saturday Individual Net/Gross The Open 18th - 21st
11-Aug-02 Sunday Individual Net/Gross PGA Championship
24-Aug-02 Saturday Individual Net/Gross 8/15 - 8/18
08-Sep-02 Sunday Individual Net/Gross Labor Day
14-Sep-02 Saturday TBA September 1st, 2002
15-Sep-02 Sunday TBA
Overseeding 1st - 15th
11/10/2002 Sunday Individual Net/Gross Thanksgiving
11/23/2002 Saturday Fall Classic Round 1 Thursday
11/24/2002 Sunday Fall Classic Round 2 November 28th, 2002
12/8/2002 Sunday Two Man Combined Net and Gross Christmas Party 12/14
12/21/2002 Saturday Individual Net/Gross Christmas Day
All members must sign up in the Pro Shop
Entry Fee must be paid by "Check Only"
The cut-off time is at 5pm on the Monday prior to the Tournament